The Foundation of the Bilingual Education and Baccalaureat has been created in order to support the French Program of the Charter Schools of ISCHS in Miami, Florida.

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FOUNDATION B.E.B NEEDS YOUR DONATION:  Covid pandemic has had evident consequences on everyone’s life and on the French and International companies and families established in the US and in Miami. The French program has been affected too that’ s why we need your donation.

French Program of the Charter Schools of ISCHS
Miami, Florida


The French Program continues to thrive, but exists within a complex setting.
The new Baccalaureate offers students more choice in their educational path, and adds extra classes from which to choose in 11th and 12th grades. This reduces the class size in certain classes, such as the « spécialités ».
Foundation BEB wishes to financially support part of those additional teachers’ costs in order
to keep providing the highest level of education from 6th to 12th grade
to aid in preparation for the French exams
to maintain the Program’s homologation.
Help us help your children.


The French program is a bilingual program that follows the French National Education curriculum for the classes taught in French, along with the Florida standards, or College Board guidelines for the American classes. All classes are Honors or AP classes.
This dual program requires great involvement from motivated students.
The French program students navigate—on a daily basis—between two different educational systems, in an international environment.
They show an incredible capacity for adaptation, and this strengthens their ability to pursue careers in an increasingly Global World.


ISCHS was established in 2004 and provides different curricula for 6th to 12th grade students, including the French International Studies program (accredited by the French Ministry of National Education).
Since its implementation, the French program has been a great success, and students have been admitted to some of the best universities worldwide.
This program is unique in the landscape of French accredited middle and high schools in the US. Hosted in a public school, it provides bilingual education, offering the National French curriculum along with the Florida public school curriculum—all at no cost for students and their families.
In addition to earning a State of Florida High School Diploma, students take the French Baccalaureate. The Program has almost a 100% pass-rate over its 16-year history, with more than 90% of students achieving honors-level results. In some cases, students also graduate with an associate degree.
Thanks to the accreditation of the French program, a student enrolled in the program can automatically transfer in France to the next grade level.


Continue the excellence of the French program
Sustain the only accredited French program in middle and high school in Florida
Give back to the program that helped our children and strengthened our global community
As reminder, ISCHS has been an official center of exams since 2011 for:
– The DNB “Diplôme National du Brevet”, taken at the end of 9th grade,
– The French “Baccalauréat” in 11th and 12th grade.
The new French Baccalaureate has been implemented since 2019 in 11th grade and 2020 in 12th grade.
In the US and worldwide, the prestige of the French Baccalaureate enables students to be awarded many credits when he/she enrolls in a higher education institution.

The Foundation B.E.B. Team

No one is better as everyone together! However, these are the Foundation leaders you may contact for assistance or ways to help.
Roger Pardo

Roger Pardo

Gael Remy-Neris Leveque

Gael Remy-Neris Leveque

Vice President
Christophe Claveau

Christophe Claveau

Vice President
Anne Fifer

Anne Fifer

Correspondent Secretary
Aline Darmouni

Aline Darmouni

Claire Monier Vinard

Claire Monier Vinard

Correspondent Secretary

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Read testimonials of actual parents whose children have been enrolled in The French Program:

Michel and Celine Martin


"The French program at ISCHS was the perfect answer to our concern for our son to be able to go back to a French school after our experience to Miami , he learnt and improved his English and thanks to the homologation was able to enroll a French school once we went back to France!“

Anne and Willy Fifer


"We enrolled our daughter at ISCHS and at the French program to give her the best tools to get prepared for an international environment."

Gael and Stephane Leveque


The homologated French program in ISCHS was the evident choice for our daughters! It was mandatory for one of them who wanted to apply to universities in France, And, for the youngest ones, it was the unique solution, in Miami, to keep an excellent level in French academic skills and be able to come back to France, in the same grade, if needed".